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Cycad Ridge is a 5 hectare property privately owned by Mark (55) a friendly Aussie expat (here since 1986), and his local Filipina wife, Felly (45), located 36kms south from Dumaguete, on the border of two municipalities, Zamboanguita and Siaton.

At the front of this rural property, along a ridge overlooking Siit Bay and the sea 300m away, are 3 two-storey houses each about 50m apart. All have spectacular views, and are hidden from each other by beautiful established gardens created by the landscaper owners, and many huge existing trees full of bird-life and cooling shade. In fact gardening is our passion, and you will be hard pressed to find a more impressive and exotic garden in the whole of Negros Oriental.

The owners live quietly down at the first house, built 13 years ago. The middle house, ‘Villa d Shade’, is 9 years old, with an artistic Mexican ‘feel’, and the 3rd house, ‘Villa d Air’ & ‘Villa d Flora’, with it’s Mediterranean ‘feel’, is actually two separate apartments, upstairs and down, and only 2 years old. The owners house has its own pool, and the 2nd and 3rd houses share a 9m kidney-bean-shape tranquil pool, in what can easily be described as ‘luxury resort’ surrounds (dare I use that well-worn word….paradise !!).

The main attraction to our property and the whole area, is the privacy and quietness, and the constant feeling of being at one with nature in all its forms, the sea, the land, the trees, the animals, and the weather.

Despite the growth of the area with its new cement roads and tourist attractions, our large property is not bothered by karaoke or noisy roosters… just pure serenity.

This area, very different from the 35kms of coastline between here and Dumaguete, comprises of some famous local natural features such as Siit Bay and its white sandbar known as ‘turtle island’, Antulang Peninsula with its sheer fossilized cliffs and crystal-clear reef waters, and the rough-weather refuge, Tambobo Bay, home to as many as 50 international cruising yachts and their often eccentric skippers.

Our property is gated and fully fenced in a harmonious unobtrusive style, and has never had any security issues. Our friendly chocolate-brown Labrador patrols at night and has a deep ‘woof’ whenever she hears something new.

All three houses are of a similar unique hexagon design, blending the best of the modern west, with classic/rustic native style. They are all FULLY furnished in a tasteful way (we like to think so) with interesting artworks and antiques being featured all around. Each residence has its own roofed carport separate from the main-house. All have a satellite dish for TV, internet is available, our power is strong as we have our own transformer BUT we are sometimes bothered by brown-outs (shortish blackouts) once or twice a week. A generator (inside a soundproof cement bunker) is a probability for the near future. Our strong water supply is pure for drinking, and brown-out proofed by solar power.

We are adjoining another large and interesting property of 10 hectares, the Belgian run Siit Arboretum (a botanical gardens), inside of which lies the Danish run MCP (Marine Conservation Philippines) a volunteer organization comprising of young people from all corners of the globe. Additionally there are several expat neighbors around.

For 12 years, we have been renting our houses here, always on the basis that WE pay for our 2 trusted and long-time workers to properly maintain EVERYTHING including a large beautiful garden….all the gasoline and materials that it relates to, as well as the pool chemicals and electricity to run the pumps.

We also have motorbike rentals from our place at P400 daily for a Honda XRM125 semi automatic off-road scooter (or much cheaper by the week or month).

Two of the three homes are very often rented for several years at a time, meaning that a vacancy is a rare opportunity to share in this lifestyle. ‘Lifestyle’ being the key word. Dumaguete is the perfect place to shop and eat out once or twice a week (often described in international periodicals as one of the worlds top retirement locations), and is just 45mins away. We are 4kms from the highway, and the new scenic coast road is concreted right up to our main gate.

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